Help me in my Bastilla v. Bastilla GA match

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Ok folks, long story short is that I need to take out my opponents Bastilla team with my own Bastilla team in order to have any chance of winning my GA. Here are the details:

Opponent is utilizing zBastilla, zzGMY, zHY on defense. I have the option of bringing zBastilla, Ezra, zKanan OR zBastilla, Anakin, zAT (g11).

Their team is faster than mine in either case. If I utilize Kanan and Ezra, I will benefit from pre-taunt, and foresight + turn-meter gain from Kanan’s zeta. I will be able to call assists and dispel their buffs every so often. If I utilize JKA + AT, I get frequent dispels, slightly more offense, slightly more assists, but a serious drop in defense. I also get healing/buff immunity from JKA, which could be CRUCIAL if it lands at the right moment. However, I’m seriously concerned about their buffed GMY one-shotting my AT once protection-up is gone.

What’s the peanut gallery have to say? Whom would YOU bring to the fight?


  • Kai_Mulai
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    I’d bring in Anakin & Ahsoka. Better synergy & more damage. Their Yoda can destroy you either way, but you’ve got a better shot with them.
  • Rake6
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    You don't stand a chance. HY will constantly regenerate Bastilla's prot up. Even if you kill Gmy you will loose.
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