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This was a great game 6 months ago since all your recent updates the game has become almost unplayable anymore or you guys are getting way to greedy I’ve been playing for a year and was happy to spend about 20 a week on this game but now it’s 1 shard per day the prices on the packs are way to expensive it seems like the developers are making us spend money to play anymore I’m not the only one that feels this way in my guild instead of coming up with more ways to squeeze more money out of your devoted players come up new levels daily credit heists more levels to galactic march with new less expensive ways for us to go back to enjoying the game it is a really good and fun game but really seems like you guys are getting way to greedy


  • I really wish this game would stop crashing
  • Yesterday it took me a half an hour to login because the game kept crashing. Today I am having the same issues this game is so fun but for some reason they want to **** around the casual player.
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