Shipments/Store Changes Needed.

Some of the stores need an update, small changes or none at all.

The icon shows credits, which make people think you can use credits but in reality, it includes a whopping 61 crystal uses and a measly 4 credit uses (at the very bottom)... Ridiculous...

Weekly shipments:
Fine I guess, but you don't get enough materials/gear for the amount of ally points you give.

Cantina Store:
For early/mid players it's fine, but us endgamers need something new to use our x points on (55.4k in my case). But what I find most frustrating is "T4 Enhancement Droid" and "Ability Material Mk 1 & 2"
WHY even have them? Oh, wait I know, to scam people!... You already get way more than you ever need, just by doing stuff like challenges. Remove them from the store and maybe add "Ability Material Mk 3" for 50-100 crystals and then you can be justified, but currently, it's purely a hope that people will waste crystals on it.

Guild Store:
Really good. We got useful gear to buy, and some exclusive guild store characters to buy

Squad Arena Store:
Okay, but could use an update for us endgamers. Why is there 2 credits sales though? Having 1 is more than enough for the current price. Also, 1200 and 2000 is a weird choice for the cost. Having a 1000 for 500k would make more sense.

Galactic War Store:
All good

Mod Store:
Remove the Mk4 mods from the late game store. For endgamers, it's really annoying to see a 4 dot mod. I know there's a mechanic in the game, so when you have completed Mod challenges or Mod battles you get a higher chance of getting better rewards, but I don't feel the better rewards.

Fleet Arena store:
Really good, but 1 omega for 1500 is not worth it. 750-1000 maybe would be better.

Guilds Event Store:
Okay, but most people will save the currency and buy the unique characters

Shard Store
Good, but General Grievous is VERY expensive and not at all worth buying, considering you can get shards for 400 in the fleet arena.

Feel free to comment or share some of your experiences :smile:
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