Another Captain Han Solo thread

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During the “all Hans on deck” bonuses we have been able to utilise good ol’ CHS. With the right lineup he is incredibly useful and it is disheartening to see this toon continue to be “swept under the rug”. For all the initial hype you put out for this character, and the fact he was a required hero character for light side TB, combined with the fact your still flogging his shard pack in the store I would have thought that the “bugs” that forced him out of particular mission requirements would have been fixed. Please forgive me if this has been addressed previously by CG but I am unaware of any communication (post the initial update that he was bugged and “temporarily” removed from missions) regarding the status of his fix. Despite this and for the most part I think we have all moved on with the belief that one day we may see him return to being an integral part of LS TB. I guess my point is that this particular toon is “not as advertised” and has been for a large portion of TB. If it’s ethically ok to continue to sell him in the store during LS TB, then I feel morally obligated to ask that this toon be given his rightful time to shine during LS TB. Otherwise he just feels like another lamb to the slaughter. Why not integrate the usefulness of his kit during “all Hans on deck” into his regular kit so that those that specifically spent money and invested resources into him have some kind of reward for their effort. This is not a hand out post, nor is it it an “I’m angry, give me something for nothing” post, but with the continued influx of new content I’d like to see some of the old stuff given the love it deserves and that was “promised”.
Im curious to hear how other people feel about this. Has the game just moved on and we should expect no changes? He was always just going to be a mid to lower end toon or are there some people that feel similar to me in that CHS (and the SWGOH community) deserves a fix/update? Otherwise the precedent has truly been set that any toon new or old can be “falsely advertised” (insert General Grievous rework here) or swept under the rug and forgotten about.


  • Here's the thing: it will work:
    "As advertised" for a couple weeks or even months so long as certain 0.01% spenders have the advantage.

    When the 1% get wind of it, the forums get blown up crying that it is not an advantage anymore. This is when the first tweak happens.

    When it comes around again for the masses, even more tweaks and usually a new toon to make that old one worthless.

    Top 0.01% max that toon, get their small window of dominance, rinse, lather, repeat.

    Don't whale out on the newest thing unless you are actually a whale and just focus on your arena team and farm for the future. OR skip the next 2 metas and hoard 100k Crystal's and then hog out on grandmaster rey.
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    Captain HAN not on spending guide as shown so not whale baitvkazs75ywz4g.png
  • It is still reprehensible that the CHS packs are in the store during a LSTB. Now that he’s not required, why on Earth are they trying to sell him?!
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    They should give his long cool down revive some additional bonus effects. Jyn has a revive too, its also an AOE damage attack! Cpt Han just has a week revive.
    - Maybe combine it with one of the effects from TB, like calling an orbital strike or bombardment,
    - Maybe both Cpt Han and the character who is revived get the Backup Plan buff for 2 rounds.

    Also his heal is weak, especially compared to say the heal JKR gives that also does aoe damage and grants 100% TM, and JKR isn't really a "healer". If Cpt Han is suppose to fill the role of a support healer, let his heal do more. Currently its better putting Thrawn on your Rebel team for turn swaps and protection recovery than hoping Cpt Han might heal something.
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