'Rogue Actions' not catching everything.

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I've been watching for some time now and hoping it would get fixed but it seems it has persisted for some time. The 'Rogue Actions' list doesn't update with those who have done them. I've been watching it very closely.

Our guild, starting in phase 4, locks down everything except squadrons/platoons, and waits until we get the desired number filled, then unlock CM/SM/deploy. We do this to maximize bonuses from squadrons/platoons. Some guild members do CM/SM prior to that for whatever reason. Since those CM were locked, they would've had to perform a 'Rogue Action' to complete it, yet it doesn't show those people.

For example, this TB (Rebel Assault), we show a total of 3 rogue actions, but I'm watching about half a dozen members perform CM in the [deploy] details. This would lead me to believe either the listed details are incorrect, or the Rogue Action counter is incorrect. My assumption is obviously the latter.

Initially I thought there might be a delay in-game. I waited a few seconds for the detail list to update, then a few minutes longer, then 10 minutes, then 30, then force re-started the game (iOS v12.3, if it matters) - to no avail.

Am I missing something? I hope so. We are a competitive guild and following the rules is kind of our shtick. And while I'm at it, I'd like to request more officer tools for TB/TW. I'll help code it for you. I'm that desperate.


  • How are you sure they’re hitting combat missions?

    We do the same as you and I’ve never seen anyone hit a combat mission that wasn’t recorded as a rogue action.

    I have seen, on many occasions, someone deploy 5/6 toons to platoons simultaneously that looks like they’ve sent in a combat team, but it’s always me putting 2 and 2 together and getting sqrt 25
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