would this team be good enough to 7*?



  • Probably with enough runs to punch through the RNG wall. Getting Scout and Elder to G12 shouldn't be too much of a gear burden and should help reduce the number of attempts you might need.
  • Cool cool thank you! I’m also saving up another zeta or two just in case.
  • I think you could get it done with this team, but higher gear levels and another zeta would help guarantee it. I’d focus on gear leading up the the event, try it out a few times, then add a zeta on Logray or Paploo if need be. Best of luck!
  • Of the two what would be the best zeta? Logray’s or Paploo’s
  • I managed with the same ewoks, zChirpa at G9 and Elder at G12.
    It is definitely possible, but very annoying to wait for decent RNG.
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    What is a YARC?
    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
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    "yet another readiness check"
  • Don't g12 scout, g12 Paploo and or elder ( or Logray but he is 3rd priority). They are core to the best Ewok team so you will want them g12 anyway.

    In the future you will want 4 Ewoks and C3PO for something. You will not be saying, " I wish I had g12 scout or Teebo"
  • Lol well thank you! I just want that Golden god and I’ve missed him the last couple of times so I’m prepared to go all out!
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