All recent updated toons for sith raid

From ahsoka tano and kenobi and anakin to dooku and nute or even as slightly far back as grievous, has anyone bothered trying any of them in sith raid and if so how well did they perform? I've heard some decent reviews on nute even though no one has used him in padme event yet (since update came after) but I'm considering looking into working on him in the future if he's any good. I currently have him 7 starred and level 50 and didn't use him before or after update


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    my g12 zDooku does quite alot of damage in raids now. My raid teams are mostly crap but Dooku does a lot of damage now, partly because of all the counters, and his damage has been boosted considerably. My Grievous also does alot of damage, however he's still slow and still missing the last g12+ piece, and I only have three separatists at 7* so I don't get the most use out of his zeta.

    But yeah generally it's looking good for separatists at least.
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