Looking at the big data publicly avaliable about the Game/Players

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I noticed a small but crucial bit of data on swgoh.gg. The newish -top players- list. It gives us a picture of how many accounts are on there.

25 acc.s per page*11884 pages is 297.100 accounts.

That's quite a good number while trying to understand whole playerbase scale events (even if we don't what % it is of the completeness of active players or how much of those on swgoh.gg is active)

For example it enables us to make guesses percentwise how much has DR or Malak. This would not be the full number as meta report will allow us to see only top 100 of arena shards. Yet...

I think it's safe to assume majority of DR/Malak owners are top 100 peeps, otherwise what's the point of that investment. There would surely be outliers with this assumption.

DR: 19355
Malak: 13784

So out of all the players on swgoh.gg at least %6.5 has DR and %4.6 has Malak.

Not trying to derive interpretations from it. Just trying to see the picture.

Ofc we simply can make no guesses for toons that are not top meta. Hope the website provides more options in the future.

I wanted to share since this is a good data point to know before making assumptions right now and in the future.
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