Raiders are Looking for 5 Members (HPIT, HAAT, STR6, and HOTH TB)

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Are you wanting to move out of your starter guild or have fewer daily requirements? We are looking for 5 members of any level or experience to help increase Hoth stars and start TW. Guild mergers into Raiders are welcome, although we are not interested in joining an alliance or merging into another guild.

Guild: Raiders of Corella
GP: 47M
Guild activity Reset: 6:30 PM MST
Raids w/24h join: HPIT and HAAT
Raid w/immediate join: SITH 6
Hoth TB, LS 14 *, DS 18 *
Goal of 300 raid tickets per day
Discord available, not required
Inactive guild members are removed after 15 days of inactivity.

Recruiting contact: is
Discord chat: Chaos4CJ#6540
SWGOH Forum chat: Chaos4CJ
In-game chat: 924 634 829

Discord Server:
Join the Raiders of Corella Discord Server! I’ll
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