JC future viability?

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Alright so I know that JC is everyone's go to but I really don't like the idea of using a starting character til endgame cause I'm just like that. As a new player not even a week in I am considering who's shards I wanna pick up yadda yadda. It is my understanding that he can upgrade to the highest armour level (possibly the the only toon who can?) anyway when they upgrade levels obviously meta will shift. Do you guys think he'll still be a bread and butter healer? Or will he left in the dust but new armour upgrades for other healers?


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    he's worth leveling but if your bored of him, u can get luminara at level 40 by doing the gw shipments.
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    He will help you get thur galatic war consistently ...which is a very big deal imo. When things get though for me, it's 3 healers n to heavy hitter in gw....plus before u know it he's 7*.....n I can see him being valuable for awhile, good heal, solid atk .....jmo
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    You don't have to take him till end game but you Should consider taking him most of the way. His shards are easy to farm (3 hard mode x3) and at lvl 43 challange 3A repeatable at cantina. This makes him easy to level up and his gear is not too bad to farm. Having a high powered character early will increase your arena rank giving you more crystals. You can then use crystals to fill up your energy twice a day 50 per buy to get more energy. The xtra energy will allow you to gear up and level up more champs increasing the speed of your progression.

    So although you may not want to level him till end he makes getting everyone else there easier. My two cents.
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    He's farmable, tanky, has a nice heal, his special does a ton of damage, and he's the easiest to advance to Gear VIII - maybe the only one who can make Gear VIII under level 60. He was my first character to 4k power. Definitely worth investing in, especially given the limited other healer options.
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