HAAT Grievous bugged? Every 7th turn sometimes happens every turn

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So looking at his kit, it talks about "every 7th hit he gains 100% TM" but there are times when I'm fighting him and I hit him once, he suddenly gains 100% TM. Then, I hit him one more time and he gains 100% TM again. I'm not understanding why that would happen other than he is bugged / broken?

It doesn't happen all the time, but I have the JTR Finn C3P0 solo team and I usually solo HAAT. But, there are times (like tonight) where I get destroyed before I even get out of P1 because he's gaining tactical maneuvering every turn sometimes 4 times in a row just from one attack on him.

If there's something else involved, so be it, I'd like to know what that is. But the fact I can't even get past P1 at times because he's gaining "TacMan" 10-12 times out of 15 turns is pretty frustrating.

Tactical Maneuvering (Heroic)
Every seventh time that Grievous takes damage, Grievous and another random ally gain 100% Turn Meter and reset their cooldowns. That ally also Taunts for 1 turn, and Grievous gains the Tactical Maneuvering effect for 3 turns.

Tactical Maneuvering (Heroic): +25% Offense, gain 30% Turn Meter whenever another ally is attacked


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    JTR with c3po lands a lot of exposed to Grievous. When you hit him and he has 3 exposed it will count as 4 hits. So if you have Raid Han and he hits him it will be always 3+ hits (Hit (count as 1) -> Exposed -> Hit (count as 2))
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    ALL sources of damage count towards the seven hits: dots, expose, counters, etc.

    Also, if he gets a turn normally, the hit count doesn't reset. So if you hit him 6 times and he gets a turn from his regular speed + Fearsome Foe, then hit him again, he'll immediately get the bonus turn.

    If you let him get Tactical Maneuvering it will spiral pretty quickly with him eating up his entire enrage timer in a couple of your turns. Buff Immunity (or Confuse) is huge for keeping him under control.

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