Clarify "Mega-Pack" for Shaak Ti

Usually I see the wording some place, but this time I did not see it. I did not see how many cards were in this "mega pack", but I expected it would be better than 1 card, especially for 2500 crystals. For the price needed to get that, it should be more than 1 card. For the price, I would have been better off buying the Overseer bundle for the same price as 2800 crystals and gotten a lot more for the character. It's on me for not verifying, but I would have expected a "pack" to include more than 1 card (especially for only 15 shards).

What/Issue: The Mega-Pack only contains 1 card, but does not list it. I spent 2500 crystals for 1 card worth 15 shards when I could have spent the same amount for the bundle, gotten 2x as many shards and mats to develop the character.

Just add clarification so others don't get smoked like I just did. I buy packs or crystals here and there, but I didn't know that these ones were only 1 card.



  • AntiFunn
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    Well I personally know a gist of what those guys do. So I just filtered in, didn't read through everything and understood it was 15-330 shards for 2500 crystals. As always, seemed like waste to me and the odds of getting 15 are obviously the highest. So I just said meh and ignored it.
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