Add stun guns to guild store

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I’m sure it’s by design, but stun guns seem to be the only gear wall item missing from the guild store. For me, guild store is the best and most consistent place to farm high demand gear. Adding stun guns would be an easy way to help the gear crunch.


  • TVF
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    The devs have to think the crunch needs fixing first.

    Like you said, it's by design.
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  • kalidor
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    I'd be happy with guns just appearing more often in the Shard shop. Annoying when it's MIA for days, and mk6 orbs and mk4 carbs are sitting there taunting you instead.
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  • No_Try
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    Would like it happen very much as well. There are new bottleneck now and incoming with 12+6, good time to ease the old ones a bit...and that's all putting it on guild store would do...a bit.
  • Mzee
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    Would love to see this happen, but I think they would see it as cutting into their profits unfortunately. Right now I need a ton of stun guns.
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