Am i ready?

With my current phoenix squad, i'm quite positive i can't beat tier 7. Please take a look at my swgoh gg acc and give me some advice


  • Strojař
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    I did it with this: all omegas, no zetas
    I was hard and i needed good protection mods ;)
    Not on first try! I had to find a way how to survive fracture. Not sure about your level..
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  • Enrico2807
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    Well, i know i won't get 7* Thrawn with my level 72 acc. Can i at least get 6* thrawn?
  • Tbirds01
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    Yes, you should be able to clear through phase 6 with that team. Not quite sure about tier 7 though.
    Tag me if you reply to my comment so I know I should answer you!😀 My roster:
  • I cleared tier 7 today with Phoenix, all 7*, L85:
    Ezra - G10, the rest G8. Ezra, full speed mods
  • I completed tier 6 yesterday. Tier 7 is straight nightmare for my level 72 and gear 8 phoenix characters
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