Barriss friday night talk

Hello this is my 1st post on the forum , some info about me before barriss talk , Ive played quite alot of games including stuff like heartstone/league of legends/wow and other stuff and tend to be in top tiers in PvP aspect of games in short terms Legend/Diamond/2k Rating.
Im F2p player aside from Dooku pack its was too much to pass up on that deal, after patch notes were out there is bunch of threads such as: REFUNDS/NO REFUNDS/BARISS ,etc. Im currently lvl 49 in my pvp bracket i tend to be in top 5 considering im F2p and my team consist of Sid/Lumi/Consular/Chewie/Dooku , for the most part all i can say Ive encountered massive amount of barriss in my ladder its looks like 5 Sid and 30 barriss leaders in top 50 overall.
Ill i can say is Bariss nerf was a bit too much.
"Barriss Offee She is an incredibly durable healer with a unique health equalizing effect. While intended to be a viable healer, she is currently outperforming nearly all healers in most situations.

Invigorating Strike: healing effect reduced to [3/6]% of Barriss Offee’s maximum health. (down from [5/10]%).
Force Healer: additional healing reduced to [2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5/15]%. (down from [15/17.5/20/25/27.5/30]%)"
Her basic attack needs to be increased around 25-30% in damage while her health pool be reduced in 10%-15% considering all she is doing is being a chewie with very good healing ability to be tier 1 healer she needs to gain more dps to be in same tier tied to luminara or even consular , its my opinion about Barris who needs some Balancing out to be back on the track, apart from PvP aspect she is still tier 1 in Galactic War / PvE and tends to carry out her duty as good as she was before nerf. Hope to see other people opinion about Barris and before any rage i DO NOT OWN BARISS AND I DIDNT BOUGHT A PACK , i just think nerf was a bit too much and needs little bit more tweaking. I apologize for my grammar but English language is not my native language.
Blessed under a lie, Her last little weak "why?"
The bloody end of a dream,
She wears her crown on a head that's bowed deep down,
The cry that she made was the cry of a dying child,
Slit the throat and taste the cream!


  • The whole purpose of her is to be a healer, I use her for support not damage. The main issue is the incredible nerf to her heal, at level 1 it's 2.5% of a character's max health. So if a hero has 5000 hp they will get healed for 125 health, which is nothing. You'd be better off doing her basic attack and praying that it proc's the heal.

    And honestly I'm fine with her being nerfed she was OP and used a lot but I feel like they went overboard on her heal so much that she is pretty much useless now. And I never found the proc chance on her basic attack to be reliable, but I didn't have it at level 7 for the 60% chance. But I do love her leadership skill for that small heal for every character at the beginning of their turn, just helped to keep characters topped off when doing GW.

    So in my opinion they need to increase the heal to make it a bit higher because at the moment it's so low that you're going to use another healer instead.
  • Munkie wrote: »
    So in my opinion they need to increase the heal to make it a bit higher because at the moment it's so low that you're going to use another healer instead.

    If they just made the % of health healed based on her own health(the same as every other healer other than Talia), it would probably bring her up to mid tier and reasonably balanced.

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    Sorry, not buying that you're not a barriss user.
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