Padme's event should include Padawan Anakin now that he's in the game.

As title! We've seen several reskins for events in the past (Chewbacca was a reskin back in R2, Han and Leia reskin in Chewie's event, Endor clothing in 3PO).

It takes me a bit out of the moment of being in the Petranaki arena when Generals Kenobi and Skywalker are hanging out when they should simply be a knight and padawan. (Hint hint, I'd like Knight Kenobi there too if it's not too much to ask!)

That is all!


  • Exactly! We got multiple Hans and Chewies! Which I am totally cool with! But come on! Give us some multiple Hero Characters some love! Episode I Obi Wan, Capt. Panaka, Padme, Capt. Tarpoles, Boss Nass, Watto and Jar Jar. Episode II Anakin, Obi Wan, Ki Adi Mundi, C-3PO, MORE TUSCAN RAIDERS! Episode III Obi Wan, Darth Vader before Mustafar battle, R4-P17, SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE WITH SABER, CRAB DROIDS, Bail Organna, Episode IV Luke in Stormtrooper disguise to go with Han! Episode V Luke in Hoth outfit to go with Han, Bespin Han (Speaking of Han!) Episode VI Luke on Endor, Leia on Endor, Han on Endor, Luke on Death Star II, Leia on Tattoine both incarnations! Episode VIII Luke Skywalker all incarnations! Rey on Ahch-To, Snoke, Praetorian Guards, Finn, & Poe in flight outfit.
  • More Clone Wars hero's would be welcome as well!
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