Opponent not placing a squad prevents feat points

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My opponent did not place his last squad, therefore I have 3 cleared territories, but my feats only count it as 2, that should count as a cleared territory since it’s not my fault they decided not to place. sz1norffuura.jpeg


  • system should complete/add random toons in any not filled spot instead of only when opponent places nothing
  • Adding my own post from the bug reports to ditto this sentiment:
    My opponent in the third round of the Grand Arena (ally code 626-839-854) set a single defensive team. When the round started, I got the points for clearing the territories where he had no defenses. I beat the one team, then got the points for beating the back zone that also had no defenses. The points I got included the maximum for clearing a zone, I believe including for having unused slots. However, I did not earn credit towards the Know Thy Enemy Feat for beating teams with undersized squads, amd I did not earn points for the Tactical Advance Feat for completely clearing the zones (the ones I have counted were from the first two rounds). Additionally, I could not even try to inflict debuffs for the Exert Control Feat, nor could I try to defeat toons with Separatist characters for the Fist of the Separatists Feat. It seems it should be against the rules to intentionally inhibit another player from earning points instead of earning their own achievements.
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    Marvel Strike Force does this. Let's just wait for them to manage to copy this. They've just copied the character minion system, give them some time to make it look like they came up with it on their own.
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