GAC matchmaking suggestions

I just read the developer’s post about continued monitoring of blowouts and improvements to matchmaking. Here’s a few things to look for:

1. It’s typically very obvious if you can win a match by just comparing rosters. For instance, there’s someone in my current bracket that has DR/Malak (I have no Malak), a faster JKR team, a Traya team (none for me), a padme team (my padme isn’t geared), and a NS team (none for me). If we get paired, I will need this person to lose internet for 48 hours to win...that’s about my only chance. However, if I put everything on defense or if I manage to beat most of his defense, the scores will be close and will not register as a blowout.
2. Provide GP modifiers for certain characters. For instance, a JKR team will hold better on defense and win more on offense than the typical CLS team. However, the GP’s of both teams are roughly equal. Another example, my GK with 3 g12 pieces only has about 1000 more GP than my TFP with 3 g12 pieces, but functionally, these two are not close to being on the same level.
3. This ties into my first comment, you are encouraging people to try even in a losing effort (getting banners despite knowing a loss is coming will help promote leagues). While I support this, it will lead to more artificially close matches. For instance, I can remember many matches in the original GA prior to JKRs second release where a JKR owner’s entire strategy was “put Jedi + garbage on defense and win all offense battles.” The point totals would be close, but this was a loss for the non-JKR player before the attack phase started.
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