JANGO BEATS MALAK! But How Consistent Is He?

So the BH server got put on high alert after a video of Jango defeating Malak surfaced. Myself and a small group had previously tried this differently months ago and couldn't make it consistent. So I was asked to test this new video and here are the results... WARNING: Not for the weak modded! I cover a full days 5 battles back to back to give a decent idea of performance.

Q&A: "Why not use Boba's aoe to get contract faster?" - It triggers Fear from hitting Malak and prevents Boba Executing Bastila, which causes you to lose.

"How about Dengar for IG-88/Zam?" - Its a speed issue, Dengar's base is 129, 88 is 147. I needed 141 speed on IG-88 to even go before a not-super-fast Bastila. Using Dengar causes even more mod pressure or requires a slower enemy.

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