GAC Divisional Prizes Problem

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Let’s start out with a couple facts.
1. Everyone in the same division is competing for the same prizes.
2. You can be matched up with people in other divisions.
3. If you are matched up with lower GP players, the amount of defenses you have to set defaults to what the lowest player is capable of for their GP.
4. A GA round can consist of 7 players in one higher division, and 1 player in a lower one.

All right, now conclusion time. These 7 other high division players are having their total championship score lowered by setting less defenses, and having less offenses to gain points from. In this past GAC, I ranked about 250th, and was only legit separated from top 100 by less than 40 points total. Now none of these conclusions directly apply to me, as I was just inefficient with some of my attacks, hence the separation... but for someone who was forced to compete with lower division players, and has less total points available to them... how is this fair?
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    there has to b a break point or we're all just having at each other willy nilly...the motivation for moving up is the higher rewards albeit maybe a drop from previous higher ranking in lower division...more fair/less fair is just a point of view w/o any tangible metrics...just wait til fleets get
  • Why even have cross division matchups? It’s not like there is any rhyme or reason to getting dealt the unlucky hand of being matched up with someone from a lower division. You can just wave bye bye to getting into the top 10% of your division if you get randomly placed into one of these matchups. They claim that they’re trying to give players the opportunity to see who is the best with these rankings, and then making it impossible to actually prove anything.

    I should’ve prefaced this with saying that I’ve never posted here complaining about anything... and I’m a CG apologist most of the time. But GA is near and dear to my heart. And it really stinks to have anything other than your in game skill determine your GAC ranking.
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