No way to beat this without Dengar?

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Hi everyone,

This is the one event that make me think about quitting this game. It is so frustrating.

I cannot even come close to complete this.

Here are my Bounty Hunters with Gear, Speed stats and Abilities

Boba Fett (22317 GP)

Speed: 270 (123)
Abilities: All Maxed Out
Gear: 12 +3 Mods

Bossk (leader) (21477 GP)

Speed: 256 (1205
Abilities: All Maxed Out, except Trandoshan Rage (lv 7)
Gear 12

Jango Fett (18009 GP)

Speed: 282 (124)
Abilities: All Maxed Out, Except Leadership and Notorious Reputation at Lv 7
Gear: 11 +2 Mods

Cad Bane (13768 GP)

Speed: 203 (96)
Abilities: All Lvl 7 except Payout
Gear: 8 +5

Greedo (13725 GP)

Speed: 222 (100)
Abilities: All Llv 7 except Payout

I also have IG-88 as a possible replacement.

Is there any way I can think of getting this done? If so, what is the best strategy, all my toons are getting killed really easily and I am not able to do anything before R2D2 is putting stealth all over.



  • Cad and Greedo need to be higher geared
  • YaeVizsla
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    That you have Cad and Greedo as squishy dead weight toons is probably the issue.

    It's doable without Dengar. It's not easy and not recommended. But having such blatant weak links in your lineup ain't gonna help you as you're basically trying to clear a top end event with three toons.
    Still not a he.
  • Let put this way...

    Dengar makes this event easier to beat since he prevents enemies going into stealth by R2-D2. Plus his grenades helps alot.

    Doable without him? Yes, but painful.
  • Damoel
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    Echoing earlier comments, your Cad and Greedo are tiny, which is just not going to work.
  • I have zBossk g12, boba g12+2, cad g12, aura g10, Greedo g9. Greedo dies instantly, aura gets one shot to foresighted R2, then dies. Others are stunned into uselessness.
    Sometimes R2 doesn't smokescreen in first turn, but even with threaten, stun glove, bossk net and boba ability block to hand, happens in move 1-3.
    If you've no Dengar, the rest better be ballin
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