Ally Code Sharing [July 2019]

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Greetings Holo Tables Veterans and Novices,

Are you a newer player who would like to borrow really strong characters to use on the Light Side, Cantina, Mod Battle or challenge holo-tables?

Are you an older player who is willing to let others borrow your characters?

Here, new players and veteran players can post their ally codes!

Find new allies using the following rules:
> Post your ally code if your willing to become allies with others in the community!
> What lead you have set or are looking for on the tables
> No additional text or the post will be edited/removed
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  • Alohomora
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    Currently full.
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  • New player looking for strong friends :)

    116 167 534

    Thanks all
  • Goyk
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    Newer player here, any strong ally requests would be SUPER appreciated!!!


  • New here, growing fast! 568-683-524
  • Hello everyone!

    Come and join us.
    We are looking for active players, with 2 million GP.

    Force 420
    My ally code is: 373 - 517 - 952

    We are farming DarthTraya (Heroic Sith Raid)
    Don't have General Kenobi and Han Solo? We will help you get these two!

    We look forward to seeing you!
    May the Force 420 be with you!

  • Hi Im new player looking for a ally 774-147-861
  • 677-245-222
  • JoryG87
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    No more spots atm
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  • Tasselhoff
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    Sorry, I'm full now....
    Hi, I'm a 4.2 ml gp player. I'm looking to pay it forward a little. I have made room ( 12 spots) on my ally list to help out some of the newer / lower gp players. If you could use the help with your holotable battles feel free to use/share my ally code 975-148-554 and senid me an ally request.
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  • USMCJon98
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    Add me, new active players wanted for my guild
  • Hi, I'm new player, 30k gp, looking for allies and guild 452-157-594.
  • Phisig96
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    2.7 million gp, lots of spots open if interested.

    Currently full at the moment
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  • AazarakhsH
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  • Hi, new player here.

    My Ally code is 886-418-613
  • Bubh
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    Hi new player here. Anyone willing to help with ls/ds cantina would be much appreciated. Ally code is 177-526-116
  • LPG85
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    I’m a new player looking for allies. My ally code: 918-473-129

    I also created a new guild (Rebels in the XXI) for everyone active in the game this days. Most guilds that I find only 2 or 3 players where still playing. I preferred a guild of only active players.

    Welcome everyone to join!

  • Whoever need ally 777-526-822
  • Revan on LS, cantina and mods, palpatine on DS
  • Re-rolling account after being away from game for over a year:

  • Jkr on ls, cantina and mods
    Palpatine on dark side
    Ally code: 694-736-829
  • Allies Needed :)
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