CG you need to do this to get new players playing this

I have played this game a long time now.. and i got almost every character and somewhat 60 in gear 12.. so i make alt account to see how this game works in a new player point of view.. and it does not work... nowdays here are so many superhero characters that you need to focus just those toons, and then focus on next ones.. it makes feel that you are put in a tube what you need to follow to get those.. so there is no chance or joy to try to get those off-the-track characters at all. And now when gear 13 comes around its even harder to enjoy playing. (in a new player view) You CG really need to help those new players to get their game rolling much faster.. and here is some ideas how to do that

1. make those gear 11 or lower gearpieces more common.. i suggest you to chance daily Challenges in a way that you get one full gear of carbanti, stunngun, and czerka implant (eye) for prizes in a day.. those are the most annoying bottleneck items, and every character needs multiple of those.. so new player just can get enough of those in any way.. and old players and whales are more focused on gear 12 and 13 pieces, so they dont try to collect those either.. just make them more free.

2. chane store bronzium data cards that they give a atleast one shard of those old characters every time.. those random gearpieces are just waste... that way new players will get those characters "off the focus tube" old players may benefit that chance a bit by transforming it to gear.. but said before, old players focus now on gear 13 pieces and those are not affecting that at all.

3. make galactic war simmamble in a low level aswell.. there is two things.. you need to complete that GW 60 times before you can sim it.. BUT when you are a new player you also need to be at level 85 to do this.. and this is just waste of time for those new players. so just remove level limit there.


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    Making games easy doesn't bring more players it drives them away. Don't like a challenge go play checkers.
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