Hypothetical Kit: Indiana Jones

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As a person with too much free time on my hands, I often think about characters that have a 0% chance of being added into this game, but that I nonetheless think would be really cool additions. I’ve decided to ease my bordeom a bit by releasing some of my ideas onto the forum. Most of the characters I have in mind are not in Star Wars, and would other wise fall into the category of “Off Topic.” The first I though of is a very well know one, who is also a part of Lucas Film:

Indiana Jones


Light side, attacker

Stats: (1 = lowest, 5 = highest)
Health: 3
Protection: 2
Speed: 3
Damage: 5
Defense: 2
Critical chance: 4

Basic ability: Smith & Wesson 1917:
Deal physical damage to target enemy, and inflict damage over time for 2 turns, with a 55% chance to inflict an additional damage over time effect. If An enemy that hasn’t attack jones yet is targeted, this attack is a guaranteed critical hit, inflicts daze, and ignores defense.

Description Jones casually pulls his pistol out of its holster and fires one shot before replacing it, like how he does against the guy with the sword in Raiders of the lost Ark.

Special 1: Bull Whip
Deal physical damage to target enemy, dispel all buffs on them, and inflict stagger, daze, stun, and expose for two turns. This attack can’t be evaded. If the target was already dazed, remove 100 percent turn meter, and the effects of this attack can’t be resisted.

Cooldown: 3 turns

Description: Jones whips the target enemy with his whip, issuing a loud crack.

Special 2: Grail healing
Dispel all debuffs on Jones and target ally (this ignores locked debuffs) and restore them to full health and protection. The ability can be used to revive a target ally, also. This attack can only be used once per encounter. Additionally, grant all affected characters health, defense up, heal over time, and tenacity up for 4 turns, which can’t be dispelled.

Cool down: N/A

Description: Jones procures the Grail and drinks from it. (I know it’s effects only work inside the boundaries, but who cares, honestly)

Special 3: Fortune and Glory
All allies gain critical chance up, critical damage up, and Risk for 2 turns.

Risk: Each time a critical hit is scored, all allies gain 20% turn meter and 25% offense for the rest of the encounter. Each time a critical hit isn’t scored, the attacking character inflicts expose and dispels all buffs on themselves, and gives the target enemy 10% turn meter.

Cool down: 5 turns

Description: Jones procures the Golden Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, replaces it in his satchel, and adjusts his hat.

Unique ability: Archeologist’s Instincts
Jones has 50% potency against buffed enemies, and has 50% tenacity if he has no buffs. If he scores a critical hit during his turn, he gains offense up for 2 turns. He also 50% counter chance, gains evasion up for 1 turn when attacking out of turn, and gains advantage if he evades an attack.

Zeta: Jones starts the battle with 20% turn meter and gains 25% turn meter after ever ability used during his turn.

Unique 2: Why’d it have to be snakes?
If Bossk is on the enemy team, Jones inflicts fear on himself for 1 turn. In addition, Jones is inflicted with damage over time for two turns and has half his turn meter removed if bossk attacks him.

Feel free to tell me what you think. If people like this idea, I’ll post more here. If not, I’ll just let it be.
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