I’m going completely F2P

I’ve spent money on this game in the past and was (reasonably) happy with the return I was getting.

However, with all the changes recently it’s impossible to keep up without spending ridiculous money (and yes cg, spending thousands or even hundreds on a video game is ridiculous).

G13 and GAC were the final straw for me, enough is enough. I intend to vote with my wallet and spend elsewhere.

P.S. I wholly respect anyone who wants to continue to spend, it’s all a personal choice.


  • Ultra
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    How was GAC the final straw
  • Nihion
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    khelzac wrote: »

    Lol this is the mood. Good for you @Javick_Starage ! I’ve never cared enough to pay anyway, and I can assure you that it’s fun to play without money and stress.
  • No_Try
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    Welcome to being f2p, perhaps you'll find out you can enjoy it like this and it's no one's duty to pay in the game if you don't want to.
  • leef
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    no one cares.
    Save water, drink champagne!
  • Thraesh
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    I'm guessing you were just looking for instant gratification or praise so you had to post on the forums about your decision not to spend anymore.

    Good on you for making the decision not to spend anymore and as always play any game how you see fit, after all, it's your choice to make and your time spent so enjoy it how you want.

  • I spend $5 a month. I get the value.
  • Hantal86
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    I stopped spending a long time back, was I supposed to announce my decision?
  • No_Try
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    Others also voted with their wallets turning a severe decline to 7m$ previous month to 9m$ last month probably effected by the release of g13 only at the latest portion of the month.
  • Austin9370 wrote: »
    Define keeping up? You mean being able to get all of your teams to G13. It's a new gear tier and not suppose to be easy or for everyone unless you want to drop major dollars.

    You sound more like a quitter who doesn't know how to adapt and / or just wants everything now.

    Hardly, I just don’t think spending thousands on a mobile game is reasonable.

    G13 is a money pit and is only there to give those willing to pay vast amounts of money an advantage.

    I’m not against people paying more having an advantage, I just think the cost CG have put on all these things is obscene.
  • TVF
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    Hantal86 wrote: »
    I stopped spending a long time back, was I supposed to announce my decision?

    No, most definitely not.
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