Separatist Might - List of Encounters

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

As many of you noticed in the Territory Battle Geonosis Separatist Might, the encounters that each player within the guild faces are no longer the same for every member of the guild. These encounters pull from a random pool of encounters, but the pools themselves are limited and each node only pulls from a small handful of them.

Much like how we’ve informed you what platoon requirements are, we’d like to take an opportunity here and share the same level of information as to which enemies are possible to encounter as Elites at each of the nodes. Remember, these are just the possible enemies you will face. There is no way to know beforehand which group you’ll actually end up fighting in battle until you actually attempt the node.

ELITES IN SEPARATIST MIGHT (Note: Other non-elite units will appear in battle with the characters listed below)
Phase 1 Top Territory
  • Padawan Anakin
  • CT-5555 “Fives”
  • ARC Trooper
  • CT-7567 “Rex”

Phase 1 Bottom Territory
  • Clone Commander
  • Mace Windu
  • ARC Trooper
  • Shaak-Ti

Phase 1 Bottom Territory (Special Mission) *
  • ARC Trooper, CC-2224 "Cody"
  • Shaak-Ti, Mace Windu

Phase 2 Middle Territory
  • Clone Commander
  • ARC Trooper
  • CC-2224 "Cody"
  • CT-5555 “Fives”

Phase 2 Middle Territory (Special Mission)
  • CC-2224 "Cody"
  • Clone Commander

Phase 2 Bottom Territory *
  • Ki-Adi Mundi
  • General Kenobi
  • Padawan Anakin
  • Mace Windu

Phase 3 Middle Territory *
  • Shaak-Ti & Clone Commander
  • Clone Trooper Medic & ARC Trooper
  • Clone Commander & ARC Trooper
  • Ki-Adi Mundi & ARC Trooper

Phase 3 Middle Territory (Special Mission)
  • ARC Trooper, Mace Windu & Ki-Adi Mundi
  • Mace Windu, Clone Commander & ARC Trooper

Phase 3 Bottom Territory
  • ARC Trooper & Padawan Anakin
  • CT-5555 “Fives” & CC-2224 "Cody"
  • Clone Commander & CT-5555 “Fives”
  • CT-7567 “Rex” & Clone Trooper Medic

Phase 4 Middle Territory
  • Clone Commander, Padawan Anakin & General Kenobi
  • CT-7567 “Rex”, ARC Trooper & Padme Amidala
  • ARC Trooper, Grand Master Yoda & Clone Commander
  • Shaak-Ti, CT-7567 “Rex” & Padme Amidala

Phase 4 Middle Territory (Special Mission)
  • ARC Trooper & Clone Commander, Grand Master Yoda & General Kenobi
  • Shaak-Ti, Grand Master Yoda & General Kenobi

Phase 4 Bottom Territory *
  • CC-2224 "Cody", Mace Windu & Clone Commander
  • Ki-Adi Mundi, CT-5555 “Fives” & CC-2224 "Cody"
  • ARC Trooper, Ki-Adi Mundi & ARC Trooper
  • CC-2224 "Cody", Clone Commander & Clone Trooper Medic

Phase 4 Bottom Territory (Special Mission) *
  • Mace Windu & ARC Trooper, Clone Commander & CC-2224 "Cody"
  • CC-2224 "Cody", ARC Trooper & Clone Commander
* Encounters of this type and phase have a chance of including a non-Elite Mace Windu as well. If he appears in an early wave as a non-Elite, he will not appear as an Elite later in that encounter.
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