JKR Savior w/ Yoda

I can’t find anyone else having this issue and I’m trying to figure if I’m just dumb before I record a video and send to to EA help. Revan mirror matches in squad. I mark their Yoda, he “dies” and thei JKR brings him back. Enemy JKR does the same to my Yoda. Yoda dies and stays dead. Happens every single match


  • Delvorin
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    Hmm, strange. Def make a video so you can show how it's working out. Could be a bug you're dealing with. I was thinking maybe your GMY is really weak healthwise but should still survive after the savior activates.
  • Tokie
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    One of my guildies brought up if he had healing immunity debuff, but even so he should recover the protection, dispel, and take a bonus turn. None of that happens. It happened to GK since posting this also, but Jolee Bast and JKR it works fine. I’m wondering if my game file is corrupted so that it only includes kotor Jedi or something
  • Tokie
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    It also happened in p3 of tank too. It was after enrage so Yoda did have healing immunity debuff, but should that even matter?
  • Kisakee
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    Healing Immunity pretty much cancels Savior out as it prevents the recovery of health and protection.
    You ever found yourself in the situation that not only Yoda but another toon died at the same time? Savior can't save both.
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