o Captain! my captain

does she take a front seat to lumi in the galactic shipments?

I've been playing around with her since yesterday, I think everyone can agree that she has nice hp and some nice skills and can be a great leader even without FO members I've noticed. I've got mine to about level 52 & 2800 power and she's 4*(about same power as the rest of my main characters that are 4*s). She hits for just under 800 but I think she makes up for it in the possible bonus attacks and extra turns she will bring(that slow Barriss heal doesn't seem very slow now lol)

I found out you can get her to gear 7(need to be level 52 to equip) if you can do dark side 5L. Needing a MK 6 biotech implant prototype.

Seeing as though my lumi is less than 20 shards away from 6* and I can do hardmode missions for her. I've gave up farming her from GW shipments and started on my captain :wink:
Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING


  • Not for me. Only a day away from Luminara 7* so will finish that first.
    Then Phasma will be the priority I think.
    Haven't played much with Cap but looking forward to it.
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  • Chase, starring Luminara will only take two days. I'd probably do that first as you don't want to let that lie for too long.
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