GAC unfairness

I think their original idea (one where we were sorted by divisions) was the best because this way people who had concentrated gp because of the grand arena are punished. So we gave up opportunity to be good ( and reap better rewards) in tb,tw,raids to be competitive in GA. And now suddenly we are punished for being too good?!? And since its not possible to refund people for keeping concentrated gp, i think its best to implement original idea.


  • Kai_Mulai
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    I’ve found concentrated or focused GP still wins the majority of the time, even against players with a million more total GP.

    I also disagree that you need to give up competitiveness in all other game modes for GA. I focused my GP so I get top 10 in the Sith raid every time and can solo HAAT. My arena and territory battle results are not yet as good, but as I continue to farm and gear characters, that will get addressed in time.
  • No_Try
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    Hint: You can change your situation, anyone that has the slighest bit of fluff can't.
    Hint 2: -not using resources- isn't profitable for CG.
  • Mzee
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    Guy has 23 gear 13s. I have like 4. I have 4.7million GP, and he has about 5.3 million. I am up against an all G12 Shack Tii with clones, and full gear 13 Brute bug team. Also has better mods.

    Yeah, match making could still do with some work...

    I have been outmatched by everyone by at least 200k in this bracket. It should match by more characters than just the top 80. Many of those are pilots or used in raid teams, and not in the GA teams...

    Not showing the picture for comparison.
  • I agree! New matchmaking looks like cheating. Every match i have 7 opponent with malak and i don't have it. Random is better than tricking always the same match. I'm always matched against people who have 10 and more g13.. i have 2. My deck is all set for pvp but i'm still losing every round. Hope they gonna fix it. Don't try to force the chance. Just let the random do it's job with equal pvp matchmaking. Your algorithm is a disaster.
  • I have actually 3 G13 and i am fighting in GA agains a player with 14 G13 and Malak! I have not him then it will be a pleasure like all the last GA.. always at the 5th place. Never better because Malak in the front or a lot of zeta than me.. I play since 2015 but if EA want only whales players, i will find an other game soon!
  • I'm against 7 malak almost every match.. does it mean 85% of players have malak!? Don't think so. It's cheating
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    I'm against 7 malak almost every match.. does it mean 85% of players have malak!? Don't think so. It's cheating

    Cheating? Really? Unfair to you, perhaps, but not a cheat.
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
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