Brood Alpha leading 2 Genosian Taunters and Daka and Ventress for HSTR p2?

Just a thought on this might fare?
Two taunters should keep getting rezzed by Daka. Ventress gets her death bonus. Hive-mind and GBA lead keep a lot of health and damage going.

I guess the only real problem is no TM gain.


  • Jarvind
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    edited July 2019
    Sun Fac is the only Geo that can taunt. You can't summon the Brute in raids. Even if you could, the constant health equalization means that if one of your taunters goes down, the other two Geos will be at very low health and probably die right after.

    Also, Daka's rez is not guaranteed to work on non-Nightsisters.

  • yea just stick with JKR on p2 tbh
  • Dk_rek
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    yeah and those low damage assists after assist would feed Sion right ??? be a 1 min battle and he would be at enrage no ?
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