Juhani or Canderous

Hello, I currently have the option of one zeta for the malak event for tye Dark Side only...

Both Juhani and Canderous are at 16200 Power

Who's best ?


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    Both are pretty useless for this event but I'd go Juhani to stick on a Jedi Revan squad for GA.

    Unless you are planning on G13 cancerous, I don't find his zeta too necessary
  • Fauztin
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    @turgeon2000 , I went with Juhani first time around. Never got around to gearing up Canderous.

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  • turgeon2000
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    Going with Juhani

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    Went with Canderous for the higher damage output, unless Malak was taunting, he was only hitting the droids or the Jedis.

    But I agree, in the end, Darth Revan does most of the damages and the other toons are only there to support him and spread Malak’s attention so Juhani or Canderous doesn’t make a difference at all.
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