Darth Malak NO Revan

CG messed this one up, How can you post an event that requires one character and not introduce the required character(s). Such as Darth Revan with or before Darth Malak. We never had this issue with CG Carrie on board.


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    @Highlord I believe you may be confused. If you recall, DR’s initial release came before Malak’s initial release. Since then, DR has already come back around for his first return (2nd release). This is now Malak’s first return (2nd release). There has been no conflict or break in scheduling to the normal release cadence. They’re just not stacked together, which has never been the norm for any special events, even Legendaries until their 3rd returns (like R2 for CLS or BB-8 for JTR).

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    Disagree. CG didn’t mess up, you did when you missed Darth Revan’s return last june. Be honest with that and admit your own failures. Not everything is CG’s fault.
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    How many more of these threads do we need to see?

    The trend have not changed. Each legendary returns about every 3 months. Malak took 4 months.

    At some point, you stopped farming for DR when you realise you can't get DR before / during the event. I can almost guarantee this because it's exactly what I did with RJT.

    You must've either tried to gear up your Separatists for GTB / Padme or put in gears & energy for your arena / raid teams.

    Take note, not everyone who have unlocked it will come here to gloat but many who can't will post here. So, that doesn't mean that majority can't unlock it.

    Give it a month or two, you will definitely see many Malaks in arena / GAC, after they've had time to get him up.
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