Theorycrafting new Jawa(s) TD team against defending Genosians. Lead with Rex!

I just realized a Rex lead would be really really good in front of a Jawa TD team against defending Genosians. Mod the team for Defense, Health, Tenacity, and speed on Nebit, JE, and JS, and drop out either Datcha or Jawa. With enough tenacity and tenacity up, Nebit might resist the buff dispel and perhaps G Spy's Silent Strike. I would drop Datcha, in case Spy tries to Silent Strike Jawa he might evade it. Nebit would be getting tons of TM from the crits he would take, allowing his heal over time buff to actually do something for once. It could work. I'm gonna try it! And no, I'm not joking.

You want all-in on + health secondaries, defense sets, and tenacity, but also of course you need 70-90 potency on JS, speed to 200+ JS and Nebit, and 250ish on JE. Jawa is just there to fill space. Dropping Jawa for another fast healer might be good.

Nebit keeps taunt cause of his speed, omega, and resists dispels because of rex's tenacity up. Put no protection on the team. All in on health. Basically Nebit gives the 30-40 TDs. If you do this then Rex's 10% health lead should make up for the 20% protection loss from other primaries and secondaries, and focus on armor to 52% instead.



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