Cantina energy: Kylo ren or 6* consular?


I'm half way through 52 so tomorrow I will be able to farm kylo ren. I'm wondering: should I go for him or keep farming for my consular?

Right now consular is 5* gear 8, 0/85 to 6* though.
The resst of my team is
5* sid, half way to 6*, gear 6
5* lumi, half way to 6*, gear 6
5* consular gear 8
4* talia gear 7
4* doku gear 6.

I also have a 4* daka, 3* fives, 5* chew plus other random stuff I don't really use.

I feel that I could use a replacement for talia right now, being 4* she's too squishy to use her heal in arena and damage wise she's pretty lackluster atm. Doku is also quickly loosing potential, so another attacker could also replace him soon.

What do you think guys? I would be able to do 2 cantina refills per day, so I should get him in a week or so, but then I would need to get him to 5* in order to shine.

Should I focus on him or just keep using the cantina energy for consular?



  • My 5* gear 8 JC is at just under 4k power, so I decided to switch to Ren just to see if I can use him to synergize with my current a and b toons. As I have to wait until lvl 73(with one piece needing 50 purple mats) to upgrade JC any more... I figure he can wait a bit. 4k power week be viable for a good while.
  • I got access to 4c yesterday, and starting going for KR shards as soon as they were added, and I must say that for me the drop rate I'd loooooooow. Out of a full bar of regen energy, plus a refill, I got 6 shards.
  • If you have Lumi and are developing her, then by all means, go for Ren.

    If you don't have Lumi because you're going for another hero in GW, then I'd stick with JC.

    It's your choice if you want 2 healers on your team (also whether you already have Barriss). But I think 1 is enough (either JC or Lumi is fine).

    Quite honestly, I still like the 2 healer, Sidious, a tank, and Dooku squad. But it really depends on what kind of squad you want.
  • I don't have barris, but Lumi will be 6* in a couple of days so I guess I'll switch to Ren, JC is around 3.8k so as you guys said it should be fine for a while.
  • What about you farm Luminara in the Galactic war and use all your energies to farm Kilo Ren in cantina ?
  • Qeltar
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    I switched to Ren because I have JC at 5* as well as Lumi at 6* and Barriss (who is not what she was, but definitely not useless). Good dark side characters are much harder for me to find, and he looks like a good one. Also, having another good character helps in GW, which is the most important mode in this game.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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