Relic Amplifiers, The Gear System & Our Next Update [MEGA]


  • Worst addition to the game ever. Hands down. Destroys everything this game should be and makes it a money trap.
  • “I think it’s a more streamlined way to advance and progress. Gear tiers are a mess“

    I might agree, but you can’t just tape a new system over an old one. It’s got the stink of gear all over it - it’s almost exactly the same.

    -It uses the same resources that would otherwise be put towards the gear system we’ve now “moved beyond”

    -It was released too quickly following G13

    -Relics are just stats and might eventually be abilities, but it should have been the other way around from the start. If you want stats, what’s so hard about adding passive abilities?

    -It sounds all well and good to have more flexibility when it comes to increasing characters’ stats, but it’s way too late for that. Again, this is an entirely new progression system taped on top of the old one (which you can totally still see behind it). There’s not much progression to go, guys, and from the get-go you’ve given us 7 Relic tiers that do the same stuff across the board for every character with the same tags. It’s not really this grand evolution of gear that opens up to green pastures of balancing and strengthening character identities. Nah, it’s basically stars but with 3 bonus stats depending on your role.

    -They’re all just weapons. That’s so unimaginative, I just - how?? There is so much Star Wars content to pull from out there, how did you just make every character’s Relic the thing they happen to be holding?

    -I don’t really like the idea at all lol, and no, I don’t feel better about using hordes of generic, random gear to upgrade a picture of a gun instead of just equipping the random gear. I don’t feel a closer connection to upgrading my character. I feel like there’s a new god d a n g hoop to jump through.

    Jeez. :|

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes a thousand times. Relics = Endgame....The end of this game.
  • The relics system has destroyed the game. It is a money trap. It is impressive that so many people are giving up on the game and the devs are not doing anything!!
  • I recommend that after you are done with Relics. no more time and energy are devoted to increase the stats on our Characters and Ships (yes maybe some reworks of some bad toons is needed, but that's it) and you guys concentrate on bringing New Content to a team that is tired of what this one has to offer.
    Trust me, I have been an avid player for more than 2 1/2 years, and Im about to say, "that's it, not playing any more" because even if I do like Relics, GXIII, and other means to increase and "level" our toons abilities and stats. Im tired of the almost cero new content put in to it, and that my collection is made obsolete everytime a radical change is made in their stats. please stop.

    Love, love, love the game, but...
  • Radical idea that might be bad, just spitballing: overhaul relics to be abilities (and some stats) and level them up by using the character in combat.
  • IMO relics should act as G12 finisher, provide some kind of balance to characters, not just increases stats by their role (most of are mastery).

    For now its a mess.

    Some characters like cad bane, mastery increases his dodge chance, which fits his payout and is really good.

    But some other chars like Gar Saxon?
    I know its not impressive, but why should I level relic lvls and spent my $$ if needed, if the relic is a joke?

    Gar Saxon is labelled a str based non-taunting empire tank. His gimmick is provide empire allies some counter chances and will assist them if they counters.
    The problem of the character is, low damage. Mastery gives him protection, lifesteal and...some defense which he dont need (because he's not taunting).

  • Relics have destroyed the PvP aspect of this game. You can have a R7 G13 GG in a squad with only G7 droids and he will one shot a huge amount of other squads. Where is the ROI for those that grind all toons to first G12, then G13 and beyond.

    It’s caused major imbalance in both GAC and the arena. And TWs are a complete joke now.
  • fuqxkic0xhb4.jpg

    Went up against this in the SA with a 106K Jedi squad. Lost in 26 seconds.

    Can you say broken???
  • Worst addition & money grab in the game to date. Has caused players to quit playing, spending in the game, & has caused lack of interest in the game overall. Congrats on finding your Iceberg CG_TITANIC! 😂😅
  • fuqxkic0xhb4.jpg

    Went up against this in the SA with a 106K Jedi squad. Lost in 26 seconds.

    Can you say broken???

    I like relics and this is hilarious
  • So tired of this. Slowest year ever. Just gear gear gear. Next year they’ll punish us by releasing 10 new characters that we’ll need maxed with their relic amplifiers just to be able the next 5* epic character who wont even be good until the second time around when everyone else has him the FTP way. Seems FTP is the best way to go these days. Just hoard. Hoard everything. Get one character maxed out at a time and hoard. Hoard enough to get 10 characters to maximum length
  • jpcfnq6gor6u.png

    Just sharing on my way out, this item is the one that has priced me out of the game. Mandatory for TBs and the social pressure to spend will ruin my experience. Best wishes to all still playing.
  • Aurodium heatsink is stupidly easy to get with full Typ 3 holoprojectors...Up to Relic 5 is really not that difficult
  • Saada
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    Ewolv wrote: »
    Aurodium heatsink is stupidly easy to get with full Typ 3 holoprojectors...Up to Relic 5 is really not that difficult

    This is exactly right. Just use your currency earned to buy it.
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