Nar Shaddaa 300+ GP once full (CRancor on farm, Relaxed TWs, Focused TB)

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Nar Shaddaa

We are a chill endgame guild. And looking for 3-6. Preferred GP is 6+million but will take less based on roster.

Guild reset 7:30pm EST.
All Heroic raids have a join period starting at 8pm EST and go FFA at 5pm EST next day. (Rancor is simmed)
DSGTB = 31*
LSGTB = 21*
Getting both WAT and KAM shards

Guild Requirements
1. 600 tickets daily
2. Checking Discord daily
3. Ability to follow directions
4. Strong Separatists, Galactic Republic and corresponding capital ships.
5. TW - We set heavy defenses and take wins when we can. We are content with not stressing over it because the rewards aren’t worth it. So you can enjoy your real life and still collect zetas.
6. TB participation is mandatory because it benefits the whole guild.
7. CRancor participation and teams

Contact winnie on discord
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