Relic Material Farming Locations

Hello Holotable Heroes,

With the upcoming release of Relics, I wanted to provide everyone with some information about how you will be able to upgrade your Relics once a character reaches Gear 13.

As has been mentioned in prior posts, the Scavenger lets you convert gear into scrap that can be used to upgrade your Relics. Each scrap can be made by converting gear from certain MK levels. We tried to make it very straight forward (e.g. Scrap 1 uses gears Mk 1 - Mk 3, Scrap 2 uses gears Mk 4 - Mk 6, etc.), but there may be certain pieces of Scrap that don’t follow that rule perfectly.

In addition to Scrap, you will also Signal Data to upgrade Relics. Signal Data will be farmable from certain Cantina Nodes. As part of this change, we shuffled some shards around and removed a few characters to give us some space to add the new Signal data to Cantina Nodes:

Gear Inflow

The introduction of relics is going to change the nature of the demand for gear in the game. Some pieces that were more important previously may become less so and vice versa. We’ve done some preliminary analyses and we have some ideas of how the system may change so we’ve made an early move in easing the gear inflow with our recent update to the Daily Activities. We are going to be closely monitoring what gear inflow looks like after the release of relics and may take additional measures to loosen gear inflow depending on what it looks like.

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