Is it normal?

Hey all.

I'm relatively new player (for now free to play one) started at middle of may or so. Right now i'm level 82 with all limitations of that level. I followed some guides and managed assemble relatively good early game phoenix team, all in G8 and G9, with good 5* lvl15 mods (working on getting high speed ones), Key characters like Ezra, Choper and Hera are somewhere between 190 and 200 speed. In general was quite happy with results i was getting at Arena, Fleet Arena and Galactic war...

But today i faced rather curious team at galactic war...
On first glance nothing special, i regularly face lvl 85 g10, zetaed teams on high levels of galactic war and with little luck and tenacity, i sometimes even beat teams far stronger then mine.
This team, however, steamrolled mine without any possible chance to win and i was wondering HOW? and after quick inspection saw this -

(more images on this link

So few questions to veterans - How one can get such mods, because it seems i'm doing it wrong?
Are enemies you face in galactic war actual players or randomly generated by game?

Thank you in advace.


  • Those could be those god mods people got when a long time ago
    This is... SPARTAAAAAAA
  • No thats cheating mods
  • Hacked mods- quick request though, if you still can, PLEASE show the total stats of the nightsisters team
  • It’s a visual bug.

    The real reason why you got destroyed by NS is how much control they have over the battle with all their constant healing, reviving, stuns, and turn meter manipulation.
  • I believe it was already confirmed that mods showing up like this in GW are just a display error.

    Even the godliest "god mod" can only have a maximum speed secondary of like, 29? I forget the exact number, but the chances of actually getting that are like, 0.0001%.

  • Noticed interesting thing - right after i entered game went to inspect their mods, they were fine. Yet once again in battled they steamrolled me, as each atempt and when i retreated i inspected mods and they were back to boosted ones.

    So yeah it seems like some sort of bug. And i know NS can be pain to face, especially for phoenix team. First time i face fully omegaed team with Heavy zetaed Ventress.

    Still Galactic war makes me wonder at times, my strongest character is lvl 82 14k power... while i face 19k characters :D
  • Don't sweat it. You are doing pretty doggon good for only starting in May. An Imperial team is a good counter to the NS. If i recall correctly: Gen Veers, Vader, Imp TP, and Imp Stormtrooper. or EP lead with Vader, GAT, GMT, and GV. A strong Bounty Hunter team would do the trick to control the NS turnmeter. For instance an IG-88 Lead with Boba, Cad, Greedo, and Zam. (all those teams shoukd be easily accessable at your level. Phoenix unlocks GAT, and EP)). I would highly recommend you start farming Bastilla, Jolee,T3, mission, and Zalbaar (the key to JKR). Then when they are geared good (g9-11 with zeta on jolee and bastilla), plug bastilla and jolee with Ezra and Kannan and Gmy with Bastilla lead. You will have an easier time vs the NS. Another team i have used against the NS with success: EP lead, Vader, **** Fallen, Sidius, and either sion or nihilus in support.
  • Those are the tier above God Mods

  • Galactic war has undergone changes since I ended up able to beat it but I couldn't 100% a galactic war with a single team until it was entirely G12, it wouldn't surprise me if they bolstered the mods on teams to give them the upper hand. Galactic war is supposed to be hard for early game players.
  • Don't throw your best squad at a fight like this first. Throw in a second or third string team so that the enemies use their specials, and hope it works in your favor. Get those 5* to 7* and you'll be golden. Phoenix squad is the best thing that a new f2p should go for.
  • I can't comment on the glitches of the mods seen above, don't know if that is cheating or visual glitch.
    The mods themselves are clearly above any know mod-caps for sure.

    NS however I can say is a royal pain for Phoenix to face once they have Zombie.
    Phx lacks AE's or even large DPS singles besides Ezra.
    So being able to take down Zombie's Taunt long enough to also take down Daka & other NS 3x to remove extra rezing & only be down to Zombie self rez is often far to long for Phx to stay alive.

    Finally, GW is going to suck royally at your level.
    GW uses the old "Stat Power" v/s the new "Galactic Power" rating.
    The problem..... Stat Power doesn't include the G.Power from Omega's & Zetas.
    So a team w/ lots of L8 abilities will have way more GP but per SP they are the same as a team w/ the same gear but only L7 abilities.

    My suggestion is start spreading some Omegas to your Phoenix Uniques if you have not already, possibly also the Basics for Ezra/Zeb. I did those & it made the climb from 76 to 85 less painful in GW.

    Finally, make sure you have multiple teams, by 82 I was running Phx, Empire, Jedi, & Scoundrels & would use the weaker ones in early GW battles to pump up TM.

    When I would run into a NS team like you did, I'd feed them a low L50 team of random characters to burn their big secondaries on.
    THEN, I'd feed them my Empire team which would AE the NS & burn all Protection & kill off a single sister if I was lucky.
    Finally, I'd go in with Phoenix who now only faced some wounded NS w/o secondaries up & my PHX had TM boosted from being used in previous fight w/ all specials ready to launch.

  • Thank you all for advices!

    And yeah, i'm working on multiple teams. Phoenix actually good team to brutforce through weaker tims in GW thanks to their uniques and insane protection and HP regen, and yup i omegaed all their uniques by now and few basics like Ezra's, Kanan's taunt.

    At least with few replays i mamanged to beath Thrawn and now working on getting him geared to bolster imperials, still waiting for emperors demise event to get Paply and that should be good for imp team which include 7* Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn and 5* royal guard.

    Bounty hunters are something i'm working on as well, since i want to do high level credit heist and if possible some bounty events too.

    And yup Bastila and crew to get myself Revan.

    As for GW i actually managed to beat it quite few times with single phoenix team, but late games take me quite a while and quite few replays since you face much stronger with good synergy teams.
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