Updating the TW tier system

When mods came out it dramatically increased everyone's Power. Then G13 came along and added more Power. Soon we shall see another increase to power levels.

Yet for some reason the TW tier system did not update to match the new conditions ingame. Our current top tier is at 160M GP or more. Which is extremely low considering the difference between a guild at 200M and 212M is almost night and day.

If changes were made to the tier system. And guilds were only matched with guilds in their tier based on total GP. Then matched based on total Power of members joined in TW. It would decrease the abuse we currently see in TW.

When a 232M guild drops 8 members to fight at a 200M GP it would still mean fighting a 230~235M guild that did the same. Instead of what is currently happening, where the 232M guild can simply wipe a 200M guild that came in with all its members.


  • Matchmakeing is trash again poorly. Please add ato join full guild for the tw! The sandbagging guilds are so annoying. I want to face a guild of the sqme level not from the top level. Thats so simple. Full guild is autojoin and there will be no sandbagging and missmatched tw-s. Thank! The new tier rewards are joke.
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