Using Your Allies Tutorial (New Players Guide)

Disclaimer: This tutorial was made by a person who is native to Portuguese, English spelling errors ask a moderator to edit the tutorial directly and put the blame on the Google translator, in short do not disturb me for that. Information errors or substantial changes in the game I authorize the forum moderation to modify without contacting me, it is intended to be a tutorial and the more relevant information new players have the better.
If you are desperate for allies my code is 775-338-965, but I warn you I will not chat for the game chat. There is an area in the forum to get allied code.
The Feature:The ally feature is great for beginner players unlocked at level 18 you will be dependent on good allies and this will help you get alliance points and three star battle points. Until you complete all farm points. Another advantage of the ally is that if he or she dies during the battle but all of his toons are alive, you will still get three stars.
Gaining Allies: The two simplest ways to get allies is by joining a true guild and asking people to add you as an ally. Another way to go to the forum thread is to get allied codes or inform yours and ask people to add you. I recommend the first option. Ask people to spend energy at one point to give you access to a toon. It can be a nuisance for certain people and I only offer to help with that at 23:00 GMT -3.
Who should I add as an ally? The person you are looking for as an ally must have two requirements: they must have powerful and fast characters and preferably be someone you can get in touch with and ask them to expend energy to get you the toon you need. Choose people who are at least level 85 and preferably have the characters I list below with the best gear and mods possible.
Using a specific toon: The first requirement that must be met for you to use an allied character is that you are not using it. If you are with the first order team KRU, Phasma FOE, FO Stormtrooper and FOO. None of these characters will appear as an ally, if you wish to use Ally Unmasked Kylo, ​​you must remove yours from combat.
To use a specific character from your allies, ask your ally to take the character you need as an ally and spend energy with him in an easy battle that he wins solo. Once the person uses this toon you can use it as an ally.
Normally the wait time to use the same ally is 90 minutes, but I'm not sure about that time.
Best characters to use: If your goal is to get three stars at one point to pick up some equipment or fragments of a character the best characters are those that make you have the 3 star point, and usually those characters that can carry a team. on the coast has three qualities.
1) Leadership Ability: Yes it will be giving you a second leadership and that makes a lot of difference.
2) Area attack: sweeping your enemies before they have a chance to act usually solves the problem of keeping your team alive, especially in the early stages, the further you advance in holotable the less it matters.
3) Synergy with your team: There is no point in putting Rey Jedi G13 in helping an Imperial Trooper team the synergy between them is zero. Having an ally Malak won't help either if the rest of your team is Phoenix.
Recommended Allied Characters:
Following the three most important criteria for a good ally are: leadership, synergy, and area attack. Let's go to the main characters that meet these criteria:
I start talking about the rebel leaders since Phoenix is ​​the easiest synergy team to get at the beginning and with a strong presence in the other guides of the game.
Wedge and CLS By far the best rebel leaders to get 3 stars especially if you are using the Phoenix. Wedge deals damage to area, increases attack, and increases health recovery. CLS increases chance of counterattack, defense and offense and gives a turn meter if you have two of the three zetas.
Admiral Ackbar and Jyn Erzo: Reasonable as leaders to help the Phoenix team. AA with increased speed, toughness and an assist when not using an attack. Jyn has area attack, can revive and paralyze. Finding a Jyn with zeta to help her regain protection is not so easy, prefer either CLS or Wedge to one of them.
Leaders of other teams
Bossk: This is the best bounty hunter you can have as an ally, as his lead (Zeta) will keep your bounty hunters alive.

Unmasked Kylo and Captain Phasma:
are the only two possible leaders of the first order, if you are using both and cannot give up on them, use a generic leader or area attacker.
Lando: As a scoundrel or rebel leader only, option when you have no other rebel leaders or will use a hybrid scoundrel team is an excellent leader, but inferior to full faction options with bossk and all bounty hunters or the CLS the rebels.
Jedi Knight Revan: Speed ​​to Jedi, Area Attack, prevents an ally from being killed, and ignores taunt if there is any Jedi ally. He is by far the best Jedi leader and does not look bad on the Phoenix team.
Asajj Ventress: As a dark side ally for the initial knots she is by far the best toon to have allied with, especially if she's in high gear and with both zetas. She gains 35% of the turn meter for each enemy killed, and her area attack always reloads an enemy killed by him and has 50% to pluck 25% of the turn meter without resistance. In Phases 7, 8 and 9 it is best to respect the leader's synergy criteria.
Emperor and Vader: Another excellent duo with leadership and area attacks to close the table. They work with sith and imperials. Prefer Vader if using with Imperial Troopers. Tarkin also meets the requirements but unlike Vader and Emperor their leadership does not affect Sith.
Generic Leaders: There are 20 characters who are generic leaders that can be used by all factions or at least the whole light side (Padme) or all their enemies (General Grievous). Noteworthy leaders are Han ST, Old Ben are the best leaders. General Grievous, Phasma and Darth Sidious have area attacks and can solve the first levels. Barriss and Luminara can help keep your toons alive. Use them only if nothing better is available.
Area Attackers: For smaller level table battles, normally a level 85 area attacker can solve the problem and carry it all by himself. Especially if he has something of a train shift bonus like Asajj or General Veers. Remember this will not work well at points 9 of the modifier battle, 9 Hard of Light and Dark Side and 8 of Canteen.
Wait for the time to pass: If you have already used all the good allies and are not getting past a point on the table, don't waste your energy. If your energy is not at maximum simply wait a while. If it is already full go to a point where you need some equipment and wait for the ally to return. It's better than getting frustrated.
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