Galactic War Currency "remainder"


First off, I know that its been stated they are not adding more characters to this store, this isn't about that, at least not exactly, or, just to get something new.

So, there is a situation with the G-War store that the other stores don't have.

It starts out giving you multiple awards of 100-200-400, but the only things to buy are all 400 tokens.

As you don't always finish for the full 1200 each day & your remaining tokens are sometimes 0, but also sometimes 100-200-300.

Then you hit L85 & start simming for 1200 a day every time.

But, some of us, one may guess it to be 75% of the player base?, are stuck with this remaining 100-200-300 tokens that can never be spent & can't ever earn extra to even out at 400 again.

My solution(s).

1. Add something to the G-War store that only costs 100 Tokens.
2. My initial thought is a 4th Ship Node that only gives 1 shard instead of 4 & costs 100 Tokens.
3. Or just change the current locations to offer less/more than 4 shard/400 token options.
4. Another option might be an additional source of Fleet Credits also for 100 Tokens.
5. Finally, adding in a location where you can exchange some other currency for 100 GW-Tokens might also work.

Basically some option to be able to spend these remaining 100-300 tokens that we can't seem to get rid of.


  • Waqui
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    Alternative solution (to a nonexisting problem):
    If your remainder is 300 only collect 100 tokens from GW the next day.
    If your remainder is 200 tokens only collect 200 or 600.
    And so forth....
  • Why is 0 better than 100 or 300?

    I keep my balance at a cool 24.8k.
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