What phase of HAAT is FO best on?

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Hey guys. I'm doing my first heroic tank takedown, and I'm wondering what phase is the best to use my team on? I'm thinking phase 2 is the best, but maybe I'm wrong. NOTE: I only have KRU, FOE, and FOO available for this raid, the rest of my team isn't 7 star. https://swgoh.gg/p/725233668/characters/


  • They work in p3 for couple mil
  • In the gutter with all the other low tier teams.


    Idk as I didnt bother in investing into the bootleg empire faction that is only meant to make more money for Disney
  • For me they’re best in P2, in large part due to FOE and the og Kylo.
  • Looking at your roster, you should get the best result in P2. I'd fill up the team with Tarkin and Ventress.
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    I'd imagine P2. Always have Executioner hit the tank body so he never gets a kill and his damage keeps stacking up.

    To be honest though, with your current roster I wouldn't stress too much about how much damage you're posting. Until you have a few well-geared teams it's not likely that you'll be very competitive on raid leaderboards.

  • The FO community is in a bit of a race at the moment to see who can be the first to solo the entire raid with a pure FO team. So far... still screwed by either phase 1 or phase 2 depending on the team. The whole raid has been soloed a few times by different people using KRU, FOO, FOX, BB8 and Thrawn and at least once with KRU, FOO, Kylo, FOX, Thrawn.

    Obviously that info is no use to you because we are talking g12/g13 and multiple relic levels on FOX.

    But the best "FO" team by a long way for HAAT at lower levels is KRU, FOO, FOX, BB8, Thrawn. Once you have this team around g11 average you should be able to get from 30% left in phase 2 all the way to the end of the raid. Otherwise, KRU, FOO, FOX, FOST, Thrawn can do the same

    Right now at your level and characters you will probably get the best damage in phase 2. Absolutely don't bother with phase 1. Phase 3 will be pretty difficult without thrawn as a 5th on the team. Phase 4 would also be okay so long as you include a character than can apply a buff to your whole team.
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    The best FO use for HAAT (and STR as well) is the "phase" where you unlock BB8. :) With your current setup you probably may pull some better numbers in P2 than other phases but it will be very low anyway. If you want to get good results in raids you really should reassess your farming priorities.
  • Pure FO can do almost all of P2 (85% is my best run so far) or pretty much all of P4 plus a bit of P3 leading into it.
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