Need Assistance for Chewie event before GAC starts.

I don’t know what to change to win Tier VII.
I would like to get my Chewie at 7 stars before the GAC starts because
1. otherwise he would be a 6* for the entire week.
2. I have put the best Mods of my Characters on my BH and I have to change it before the GAC starts. It took a couple of time to find suitable Mods.

Those are my BH:
zBoba G12, IG G12, Cad Bane and Greedo G11 and Zam G8.
My rooster:

I know that it is difficult without Bossk and Dengar (Well, I have zBossk but 4* 😁), but I read that other players were able to do it without those two as well. I am thankful for any advice.



  • There's a section of the forum for each event, this one included. You should find useful info there. A couple quick points, though:

    * Use Boba lead and have the others geared for potency to maximize the health gain.

    * Kill order: Chewbacca, Han, Leia, other two.
  • Hey @mellamoroberto ,
    I was trying it already with Boba lead, but speed mods, I will change that.
    I am always trying to get chewie first, but in 9/10 tries R2 taunts him and then they destroy my BH in seconds.
  • Yeah that's why you use Dengar ideally. Stops the stealthing.

    Speed is still important too.

    Sometimes R2 will use his burn attack instead of stealthing everyone. Might want to just keep restating until he does that with his first move.
  • No Bossk, no Dengar, just a squad full of squishies including a tissue-paper Zam. :/

    Pray for perfect RNG and maybe you'll be able to make it. Maybe.
  • Waqui
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    Gear Boba for max crit dmg. Greedo for mix of crit chance and potency. The rest for potency.

    If they die too easily add more survivability.

    Even with excellent mods, you should prepare for a lot of attempts since you're using '88 instead of Dengar. With a g9+ Dengar it would have been far easier (though still very difficult).
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