Version Update Roll Out - 10/08/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are preparing for a Version Update that contains several fixes for the game. Not much has changed since our announcement last week but you can find the full list of changes below. As per usual, our Version Update will begin rolling out to all players starting today, 10/08. After approximately 24 hours, players will be required to update, if they haven't already, in order to access the fixes for this update. We will notify you when we are planning to push the required update on 10/09 but it could shift to 10/10 depending on how the roll out goes.

  • [PERFORMANCE] - Reduced the UI lag of ~1-3 sec that appeared after the Title Update
  • [PERFORMANCE] - Fixed an issue on Android where the game would lag when scrolling through the character inventory
  • [PERFORMANCE] - Addressed a "low memory" client crash can occur on lower end devices. This affected both Android and iOS devices
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen when linking from different game areas to the guild activities menu
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that was causing the Character UI elements to overlap each other in certain scenarios
  • [UI] - Prevented the Scavenger animation from playing twice
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that caused favorite badges to appear greyed out on characters that are not activated
  • [UI] - Addressed an issue where the "last seen" view for mods did not save when revisiting the page
  • [UI] - Changed Logray's Relic Image to not overlap with it’s Relic Level
  • [UI] - Added more logging for the bug that causes buttons to disappear during battle.
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue where ships could become invisible when setting up fleet defense in a Territory War
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused the Character Icon tile in Territory Battles to show inconsistent information in screens
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen for some players when accessing the top-left ship zone on the Territory War map to set defenses
  • [RAID] - Fixed an issue that encounter progression screens only show first encounter Enemy icons
  • [UNIT] - Stopped Darth Revan's Lightsaber from remaining on during intro cinematics
  • [UNIT] - Fixed an issue that caused Geonosian Spy to be displayed as unlocked when acquiring the unit using the find flow
  • [OTHER] - Fixed and issue where the Enter key on a Chromebook to would not confirm dialog box options or send/commit entered text
  • [OTHER] - Fixed an issue on the Chromebook where the edit pen didn’t respond on the “Edit tab” pop-up at the “Squad management” pages

As we’ve indicated before, fixing the “disappearing button” combat issue has been difficult. This update will introduce additional logging in this release to help us better identify the root issue which should help us to resolve it in a future update. In the interim, we’ve introduced a short term bandaid, a “kickstart” if you will, to the battle system. If your buttons disappear in battle, we’ve introduced code to restart the battle system and refresh the buttons after 20 seconds (that’s at 1x speed). If you experience this bug and the game does not resume after this time period, please post on AnswersHQ, with as many details as possible. This will help us diagnose the exact issue, along with the new logging. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
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