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    They said it was going to be an epic confrontation event. Only other one ever is Malak, which unlocked at 5*. Once they said the type of event, I automatically assumed it would be a 5* unlock. This doesn't mean that ALL new events will be 5* unlocks. Unless they change their own rules, every legendary from now on will be a 5* unlock that you can get to 7* in the event. Every Hero's Journey will be a 7* unlock.

    I am perfectly okay with them having another type of event with which to release characters. The increased difficulty in obtaining leaves them room to make them stronger. The good part of this is that the people that get the character the first time around should/could hopefully be 7*ing it about the time the event comes back around so even the slower farmers can at least have it when they have to face the max version.

    Yeah man! For sure though!

    You're right on with that comment about how powerful the character is going to be and balancing that.

    Truly, in world with 4 zetas, I don't need a ton of them running me into the ground LOL

    So yeah, I'm totally cool. The wind has hit my sails again. Reasoning has prevailed.

    Now, about that el camino...

    Also, I believe these events are actually repeatable so if you wanted to you could still get them 7* just by doing the event again 2 more times (5* is less than half of the way to 7*), or do it once more and spend only a little currency.

    The event is repeatable but you don’t get more shards for repeating it.

    Huh. I haven't even seen the event as I don't meet the requirements. One of the guys in my shard was mentioning getting a whole bunch of shard shop currency out of it. I suppose he could have been talking about what he expected, but I was pretty sure he was talking about what happened.

    Well if you don't get shards for it the 2nd time around you should.
    The event does indeed give shards on repeat. Lots of people confirming that today.

    So, as I stated, you don't have to spend GET1 to get the character, you just have to wait until the 3rd time you can do the event to 7* them if you don't. So it's a balance, do you want to spend to get it now, or do you want to wait and get it all for free later?

    You do understand that is new this time and was not the case last time.... right?

    Well someone did tell me they had received shards the last time the event was around but apparently it's a bug so it is what it is.
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