Echo's basic ability

So now that we have GS kit... What is the deal with Echo's basic?

No one grant him critical damage up.
Is another new toon coming or does the ability cover the +50% more crit damage?
I thought he would need the critical damage up buff.


  • GAS most probably
  • He has no ability that would give the critical damage up buff.
  • HK666
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    Maybe it'll be TB relevant. Like calling the hailfire droid w/ a zeta b2.

    Seems odd to put it in an ability tho. More likely they were planning to bring crit damage up as a buff and decided to just slap it on the lead instead
  • So basically echos basic can not work as intended . I think doing this whole releasing a toon months after a faction rework so the rework can work is a joke ,if that makes any sense.
    Just do a kit touch up when the synergy is available . Having a Omega ability that cannot be used as intended because the game has no option for it to be used.
    Sounds like CG lol
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