F8L - 233+M GP US based Casually Active Guild. All Heroics & Geo TB's. Looking to fill 1 position

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> 1 position immediately open <----

F8L is a 233+M GP (50/50) active, single guild looking for a players to fill positions due to long time players retirements from the game. Current roster now @ 49/50

We have Guild team members from US, EU and the UK. No country boundaries here.

We are a "Casual" active but competitive guild looking to add new player(s) and expand & develop rosters, characters/teams to their full potential. We are not a guild that's going to tell you how to play your game or "you can only play it our way", demand how you're to develop your characters or set rules that are unrealistic and boot folks on a whim. No spreadsheets or overbearing guild leaders. No multiple guilds, tiers or kicking down to a lower guild. What you see is what you get. This is a game and we strive to have fun. Guild Officers are very active and available in-game chat and on Discord for communications.

Guild is open Invite and searchable in game.


Guild Requirements:

* Active Player
* GP/Roster level commensurate with participation in Geo TB's and TW's.
* Participate, participation and ultimately participation activity.
* Active in communication. A Discord channel is available for guild members wishing to participate
- Guild Discord channel has a full compliment of Bots
* SWGOH.gg account/profile

While signing up for TW events is not mandatory, we ask that you participate if you do. If you must win all TW's then we're not the guild you're looking for. We win some, we lose some. Rewards based on GP are still good all around.

Participation in TB's with Deployments/Platoons at a minimum. We understand RL time and issues and only ask this as a minimum. Combat Missions highly encouraged and increases the events Stars and rewards.

Guild Events:

* 25+ stars in Geo DS TB with active players.
* All Raids on farm (HPIT, HAAT & HSTR) with launch times 7:00pm (Pit and HSTR) 8:00pm (HAAT)
EST several times weekly
- Raids auto launch on ticket requirements
- Rancor on Sim
* Hoth DSTB currently on hold while Geo DSTB in play for increased rewards
* LS Geo TB ready with 12 *'s on average attempts
* Rotating Hoth LSTB with Geo LSTB game play to allow players to their GET1 rewards for upgrading characters.

We are actively and aggressively participating in Geo TB with the goal of increasing our total star count for better gear/rewards and additional Wat Tambor shards. Again, Participation with Deployments/Platoons a minimum requirement for TB's.

Our player average is 4.6+M GP but willing to take on active players with focused rosters who are interested in maximizing their potential if below 4.5M GP. We DO NOT mandate a 600 ticket day, but most accomplish this through their daily game play. Great guild with a great player base who are always willing to help with discussions on theory crafting, team dynamics/synergy and game play. And we won't tell you to move or be reassigned to a different guild, because there isn't one. Again...We are what you join.

If F8L sounds like the guild for you, you're the player we need.

Discord: MiketheFireman#4329 Ally Code: 896-135-761 Guild Leader and point of Contact for recruitment. Message me if you have any questions or inquire in-game. πŸ‘
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