Everything rotates around squad arena

Why do you even rank up your characters. My answer is only to compete in arena, i think if there was no arena, the game wud either be a whole lot better or a lot worse you decide


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    Where's the fun of a game if there is no competition? Imagine playing monopoly by yourself and see how much fun it is. It's not like there is no reward beyond bragging rights or self satisfaction, you get more crystals, arena tokens and credits. So I imagine the game would be much more boring if not for arena. I can only hope for more pvp style games in the future updates.
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    Sounds like someone had a bad day in SA. :/
    So did I.. Shake it off and think about what you can do for tomorrow!
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    There's pluses on each side.

    For people who love to collect characters, the non PVP option would be good since you could just open up everyone to use but then the game would have to have way more light and dark side levels.
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    The PvP is needed, maybe not they style they have but is needed. Without it once you hit 60 and played all the areas what's left? Sure GW but once you finish that and challenges for the day then what? Just farming shards? People would get board with that part pretty fast.

    PvP gives you a reason to atleast check in every couple hours to check on your rank.
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    There's that thrill of being #1, or at least fighting for it. Heck, just fighting against other people's teams is pretty cool, even though the AI isn't the greatest general.

    Now with the Bariss thing, it's going to be interesting to see what people put together. Most are going Sid in the wake of what happened to poor Bariss, but watch out for the trailblazers out there. Going to see some interesting things, but I'm going to place my bets there will be a lot of First Order and Resistance teams coming down the pipe.

    Personally, I think the Bariss nerf was a good thing - it's going to bring some diversity and bring out some creativity in people.
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    If you don't like pvp, simply don't play and stick to content...lol
    Still would have to scale up your characters to complete content.
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