Order of gearing Geonosians

If all your Geos were G9, which would you gear 10 1st and why?


The stun gun combo is holding my spy from g12, but I have a couple Geos at g9 looking to hit 10 for the same gear. Quite a pickle, tanker Sun Fax or Reliced assassin?


  • kalidor
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    Brood, for sure. Brute scales with brood's power, so you get a 2-for-1 by doing brood. Beyond that, I'd do the pilots, and sunfac is useful outside of a geo fleet, so sunfac would get my vote for #2. Poggle and soldier are pretty easy gears at least.
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  • Brood, spy and then rest.
  • Gifafi
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    GBahia03 wrote: »
    Brood, spy and then rest.

    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • GBahia03 wrote: »
    Brood, spy and then rest.

    Agree with this 1000%
  • While others are correct in terms of priority, Poggle is by far the easiest to get to G12, with Soldier also being an easier gear than the rest, and as such getting them to G12 to slot some medpacks to add to the hive health pool goes a long way while you get the rest of those units up. And the broad answer is, "Whichever ones aren't over 16500." Getting the bugs qualified for the Wat mission trumps general effectiveness.
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  • I’d say go brood ->spy ->soldier ->sun fac ->poggle
  • Legend91
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    LouWouters wrote: »
    I’d say go brood ->spy ->soldier ->sun fac ->poggle

    How did you come up with this thread?
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  • mariogsh
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    GBahia03 wrote: »
    Brood, spy and then rest.

    This is the way
  • Arva
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    Soldier, Spy and Sun Fac. They are the Pilots, so gear on them is the most usefull.After that, GBA
  • TVF
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    Excellent necro. I laughed.
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