Grand arena

Grand arena real fun i love it. Every opponent 200-400k higher toons power makes it real fair. Im obviously winning everytime hence me posting. So easy being able to beat someone that can have 400k of toons in reserve after setting their defense over me. So lucky i dont finish with omegas all the time otherwise i might be making a moaning post. Suppose im lucky having a 2.1 mil fleet thats not at all screwing me in match matchmaking.

P.s your number 1 arena fan loves game mode now. Used to finish first everytime now i just like getting spanked by this fair system you have.

Pps. For those that think its fair ive a month worth of screen shots showing all my opponents being 200-400k higher in toon power


  • Toon power doesn't decide matchmaking. It's only the top n characters in your roster that you would need to use for offense and defense, so if you are in division 1, that's 8 teams on offense and defense of 5 characters, so top 80 characters total. I've gone against people with much higher and much lower GP than me and won/lost to them indiscriminately, because all those gear 4-7 characters I have at the bottom mean precious little when I fail to get past a G12 Darth Revan team initially. So no, you're fleet is not screwing you in matchmaking, because that doesn't come into it. Unless they're lying to us. Sorry if this seems blunt, it's late and I have seen this message a lot, please do say if I'm wrong.
  • I can’t believe we’re still seeing this sort of thread. Surely people would go to the bother of checking the forums before posting yet another pointless thread about total GP and ship GP in matchmaking?

    When people win - it’s because of their brilliance and skill.

    When people lose - horrible evil unfair matchmaking!
  • Yh your obviously right always easy to say skill when someone has 3 g13 relic 7 teams more to play with then you. But your still matched. **** ****
  • Yeah, they have their 3 G13 relic & teams that you lack, just as you have the other 13 teams that will be superior to make up for that fact. suddenly, three teams don't mean too much if they save them for offense and you walk over their weak lineup yourself, and so it once again comes down to tactics. If they set them on defense, you either have a counter you saved and you win, or you don't and you lose, tactics again. There seems to be a theme here. Win or loss, skill plays a big part in it, matchmaking less of one.
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